Australian Residential Database

Australia On Disc 2017 Residential Edition

Australia On Disc 2017 Edition Residential

Australian Residential Database: Overview

Australia on Disc 2017 Edition is an Australia-wide database providing access to the names, addresses and phone numbers (and even mobile phone numbers) to over 4.5 million+ Australian residential households. 

Target millions of Aussie households with one click.

Put the power in your hands and create unlimited lists to boost your marketing efforts today! AOD Residential 2017 edition is an easy to use software that allows search results to be displayed and analysed to your own requirements. Searches can be made by statesuburbpostcode and much more (in any combination). The listings contain numbers & further details for hundreds of thousands of mobile phone numbers. 

Easily Export to ExcelExtra features to make it easier for you & your goals.

Don’t spend hours searching through raw .csv formatted lists, gain control and power over your data with AOD Residential 2017. You are able to easily search and refine your results plus quickly create lists of prospective customers to export them to any other application or anything you require (such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets / Comma Delimited Format – .csv or a simple print out). For example, some customers use the disc for telemarketing call-list creation purposes. Some customers use the AOD data for printing mail-merged labels for promotional mailouts & direct marketing. AOD can also used extensively as a research tool by anyone ranging from small business creating a business plan to large corporations investigating market segments, not to mention educational institutions & PhD students etc.

Looking for new business prospects has never been easier.

Take control and gain power in searching for new customer prospects with the newly updated Australia On Disc 2017 – your trusted source in up-to-date marketing material for targeting new leads. No longer are the days of DTMS Marketing Pro and other “Australian White Pages on Disc”. The producers of Australia On Disc have 30 years of experience and AOD is the only product of it’s kind that has stood the test of time.

Put The Power In Your Hands

Create unlimited lists to boost your marketing efforts today


Search, Print, Export

Creating targeted marketing lists has never been easier.


Up-To-Date 2017 Database

Brand new database. Recently completely updated Australia-wide.


Trust 30 Years Industry Experience

The original & the best. Widely regarded as the industry standard.


Free Express Delivery

All orders within Australia get Express shipping free.


Unlimited Use, Unlimited Export

Create Infinite lists any time you like. No time usage limits.

Purchase Today

Was $1290 – Now $895 delivered.

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