Australian Corporate Database

Australia On Disc 2018 Corporate Edition

Australia On Disc 2018 Edition Corporate

Database Specifications

Included within AOD Corporate 2018

Thousands of records contain information in the following fields:

  • 25,000+ Company Names 
  • 25,000+ Company Addresses (Postcode, State etc)
  • 28,400+ Phone Numbers
  • 14,000+ Website URLs
  • 11,000+ Email Addresses
  • 8,600+ Fax Numbers

As an added bonus, certain fields include the following extended information:

  • 18,000+ Employee Size Records
  • 12,000+ ABN Numbers
  • 2,500+ Business Commencement Dates
  • 12,000+ Principal/CEO Contact Name

As you can see AOD goes beyond the scope of a normal business directory and includes extra information which would normally cost many thousands of dollars individually. You can purchase AOD today for $495 AUD delivered and this includes your key to over one million Australian business contacts. AOD gives you the ability to Search / Print / Export the data you need, when you need it.

Examples of Records

Records found may fluctuate considerably in the amount of information displayed. Examples below are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, many thousands fall midway between the two. All records contain (at least) the basic details of a simple record. Many records also contain the added extra information like our extended example here.

Database Record Example (Simple)

Company Name XYZ Mining Limited
Address 104 Main Street
Suburb  Perth
State  WA
Postcode 6000
Telephone  (08) 6454 6123
Business Categories Mining Companies
SIC Codes / Categories 1011 Iron Ore Mining
ANZSIC Codes / Categories 1311 Iron Ore Mining

Database Record Example (Extended)

Company Name XYZ Mining Limited
Address 104 Main Street
Suburb  Perth
State  WA
Postcode 6000
Telephone  (08) 6454 6123
Fax  (08) 6454 6124
ABN Number 52 119 062 410
Date Commenced 2005
Principal / CEO Contact Mr. James C. Jones (Managing Director)
Additional Contacts Mr. Peter F. Smith (Chairman) Mr. Mark Banner (Company Secretary) Mr. James E. Ogilvy (Executive Director) Mr. Oliver Ingam (Non-Executive Director) Mr. Mark Sorensen (Non-Executive Director)
Business Categories Mining Companies Coal Mining Collieries
SIC Codes / Categories 1011 Iron Ore Mining 1241 Related Coal Mining Services 1081 Mineral Exploration
ANZSIC Codes / Categories 1311 Iron Ore Mining 1102 Brown Coal Mining 1512 Mineral Exploration
Thus you can see – an extended records has radically greater coverage than a simple record. Australia On Disc is an ever-changing database that is never static. New records being added, others deleted and many more being enhanced on a daily basis.

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