Australian Corporate Database

Australia On Disc 2018 Corporate Edition

Australia On Disc 2018 Edition Corporate

Australian Corporate Database: Overview

Imagine Niche Australian Corporate Data at your fingertips. Unlimited Use. Unlimited Export. Say Goodbye to List Brokers Forever. AOD Corporate is an Australia-wide information database providing access to the names, addresses and phone numbers plus a much more extended dataset of over 25,000+ Australian corporations & businesses. 

What is “Australia On Disc Corporate?”

This marketing tool (formerly known as “The Australian Business Compendium” can trace its lineage back twenty-three years, to the very first Australia On Disc released early 1988. Then as now, AOD Corporate provides a greater depth of information on many of what might be termed the ‘larger’ Australian companies and/or corporations. It also contains listings that for whatever reason were unable to be captured during the production of Australia On Disc itself. Businesses not yet fully operational, entities unlisted elsewhere, others of such recent commencement their operational details have had minimal exposure to date. In the next paragraph, some of these aspects will be expanded upon.

What do I get with this product that I can’t find in 
Australia on Disc: Business Edition?

  1. More need-to-know information on many businesses that are referenced in AOD and
  2. A significant number of companies that simply are not listed in “Australia On Disc.”  Added to this are increased search criteria by way of SIC codes, employee size, and  additional business categories, to name but three. For any user requiring ABN numbers: of the approximately 25,000+ listings within AOD Corporate, more than half contain this information. The percentage will increase substantially in subsequent releases of the product. Ultimately we aim to have an ABN recorded for literally every listing.
    The difference between a company’s listing on AOD and its equivalent AOD Corporate entry can be striking.

Is AOD Corporate Right For Me?

If your needs do not extend beyond requiring telephone and fax numbers, maybe email addresses for either net-based contact or telemarketing options – then AOD is the product for you. Should you have an interest however  in company size, mailable contact names, plus a need to either confirm an ABN or find one for a particular business – then the ABC is an essential tool you should be using – either as a stand-alone product or as an adjunct to Australia On Disc itself.

Easily Export to ExcelExtra Features to make it easier for you & your business.

You are able to create lists upon lists of prospective customers and export them to any other application or output you require (such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets / Comma Delimited Format – .csv or a simple print out). For example, some customers use the disc for telemarketing call-list creation purposes. Some customers use the AOD data for printing mail-merged labels for promotional mailouts & direct marketing. AOD can also used extensively as a research tool by anyone ranging from small business creating a business plan to large corporations investigating market segments, not to mention educational institutions & PhD students etc.

Looking for new business prospects has never been easier.

For the best way to look for new business and new customer prospects, the only place to turn to is Australia On Disc, your trusted source in up-to-date marketing material for targeting new leads. No longer are the days of DTMS Marketing Pro and other “Australian Phone Books On A Disc”. Australia On Disc is the only product left and has stood the test of time.

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