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Features & Benefits

Australia On Disc is undoubtedly the best Australian marketing list application in existence. It is used by countless professionals Australia-wide and across the Globe. AOD boasts the following features & benefits.


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9 Reasons Why AOD Will Save You Time & Money

1. Easy & Powerful Search Interface

The power is in your hands to create unlimited lists to boost your marketing efforts today!

Australia On Disc 2018 enables you to easily search through any combination of fields through all records. Find exactly what you are looking for in record time! Search by business name, number, suburb, postcode, postcode range, business category and much more.

2. Over One Million Records

Make no mistake, this is a very comprehensive database. AOD Contains the largest & best collection of data you’ll find on Australian businesses, at the best price.


3. Up-To-Date & De-duplicated

Many companies waste your time with out-of-date or unacceptable amounts of doubled up records. Our database is maintained by a team of database experts year-round and is extremely current. You’ll save you time & money by having the best database in the business.

4. Thousands of Business Categories

Every single record is associated with a business category. Gain access to practically every type of business in Australia and you can search for multiple categories using the inbuilt category selector tool. This means you can find the businesses you require even quicker!

5. Powerful Proprietary Features

Don’t spend hours searching through csv formatted lists, gain control and power over your lists with Australia On Disc 2018. The latest edition includes additional advanced search features such the ability to search via postcode range (ie: 2000-2150), multiple category selectors & an advanced wildcard category keyword search feature (simply type “plumb” and you’ll get results for Plumbers, Plumbing Services & anything related! Simple!). Plus you can filter records that contain emailfax & ABN numbers.


6. Export to any application Easily

There are no restrictions* on exporting data to your favourite application such as Microsoft Excel through Comma Delimited Files (.csv) or Tab Delimited Files (.txt) or even print a complete listing of your search results instantly.

7. Runs on any modern PC

AOD Runs on any modern PC with a CD drive. We support and recommend Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7, 8 & 10. The disc should also run on other versions of Windows such as Windows 2000. If you have any further questions or queries we have help at hand via our support desk or you can visit our FAQ.

8. Do Business with a Trusted Company

The History of Australia On Disc dates back to 1988. Unlike many other marketing list companies who close business almost as quickly as they start business, United Directory Systems are trusted & respected by thousands of small to enterprise sized businesses around Australia. Be careful in trusting or turning to cheap lists, trust 30 years of experience and a product that enables you control to create unlimited lists to boost your marketing efforts today. Gain control and power over your lists today and put the power in your hands

9. The Only Product of it's Kind

There really is no other disc quite like Australia On Disc both in terms of data included & the execution of the program. Not to mention AOD is the most affordable disc in the marketplace. We challenge you to find a better-priced, better de-duplicated disc that offers anywhere near the marketing add-ons (emails, URLs, fax numbers where available, etc) that this product offers.

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Up-To-Date 2018 Database

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