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Database Specifications

If you require access to a comprehensive Australian Business Database then look no further. AOD Business contains over a million new business prospects at your fingertips.

Included within AOD Business 2018

1,000,000+ Records contain information in the following fields:

  • Company Name
  • Suburb
  • State
  • Post Code
  • Business Category
  • Phone Number

Other essential information Includes:

  • 1,100,000+ SIC/ANZSIC Industry Classifications
As an added bonus, certain fields include the following extended information: 

  • 250,000+ ABN Numbers
  • 160,000+ Mobile Phone Numbers
  • 220,000+ Email Addresses
  • 240,000+ Website URLs
  • 120,000+ Fax Numbers
  • 55,000+ Company Commencement Dates
Number of records per state:
  • NSW 350,000+
  • VIC 240,000+
  • QLD 180,000+
  • WA 93,000+
  • SA 93,000+
  • TAS 24,000+
  • ACT 17,000+
  • NT 9,000+

As you can see AOD goes beyond the scope of a normal business directory and includes extra information which would normally cost many thousands of dollars individually. You can purchase AOD today for $595 AUD delivered and this includes your key to over one million Australian business contacts. AOD gives you the ability to Search / Print / Export the data you need, when you need it.

Example of Business Records

Australia On Disc (a.k.a Oz On Disk) is Australia’s favourite database marketing tool. The records contained within the disc go far beyond any other Australian Business Databases as you will see by the examples, the free extra data included and full listing of business categories below.

Records found may fluctuate considerably in the amount of information displayed. Examples below are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, many thousands fall midway between the two. All records contain (at least) the basic details of a simple record. Many records also contain the added extra information like our extended example below.

Database Record Example (Simple)

Company Name Census Applications Pty Limited
Address  Suite 11A/10-12 Woodville Street
Suburb  Hurstville
State  New South Wales
Postcode 2220
Telephone  (02) 9585 0200
Business Category Business/Commercial (Computer Software & Packages)
Database Record Example (Extended)

Company Name Teeth R. Us
Address Suite 1, 9 Seven Hills Road
Suburb  Baulkham Hills
State  New South Wales
Postcode 2153
Telephone  (02) 9639 4165
Fax  (02) 9686 3482
Business Category Dentists
ABN Number 23703841139
Date Commenced 1998
Thus you can see – an extended records has radically greater coverage than a simple record. Australia On Disc is an ever-changing database that is never static. New records being added, others deleted and many more being enhanced on a daily basis.

Thousands of Business Specific Categories

Business Industry Classifications are incredibly useful for for targeting businesses of within certain industries. Australia On Disc 2016 Edition utilises standard industry categories enabling your organisation to find the data you require quickly.

Find The Industry You Require

Search, Print, Export from practically all Australian business categories and industries, contained within over 2400+ categories.

Search for the categories you require here. 

Tip: If you don’t find the category you require, try similar related words (ie: hotels/motels/accommodation or restaurant/food/take away etc).

Export Entire Industries by Area

With AOD Business you gain access to the entire Australian Business Database (one million+ records) and can export exactly what you require.

If you require an entire industry you can export just this category. If you you require certain industries in a particular area it’s a snap to search & export from AOD. Put unlimited search power at your fingertips.

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